between islands by Maiko Date & Masayo Kazimura

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26th May 2012 ::::::::: 9pm
„between islands“
Maiko Date & Masayo Kazimura (Tokyo/Berlin)


This program is part of the Month of Performance Art Berlin


Curated by Teena Lange

What do drawing, walking, talking, mapping, writing, weaving, printing, crawling, dancing, observing, singing, thinking, painting, tracing and storytelling have in common? They all proceed along lines of one kind or another.
Human beings generate lines wherever they go. Some of these lines are dominant, straight and clearly visible, others might be conceived as being lines of resistance, ghostly and meandering. Time is of course a line, but not necessarily linear in form. Space and place are criss-crossed and inhabited by lines of various kinds. Inspired by the book “Lines – A brief history” by Tim Ingold, „Performing Lines“ focuses on the practice of line creation. Experiencing the relation between movement, knowledge and creation, the invited artists tend to explore the production and significance of lines through performances, performative installations and other media.
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