Opening Hours only during events and by appointment.

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grüntaler9 is a space in Berlin dedicated solely to performance art. The space is focused not only on curating and hosting live performances but also deeply committed to generating platforms for collaborative processes of performative research. A strand of programming concerns itself with community building within the immediate neighborhood (Wedding).

Since May 2011 grüntaler9 is a space in constant transformation, a space dedicated to live performances and time-based art, a space towards the performative. It is not a Gallery, a White Cube or a Black Box. Every performance leaves visible and invisible traces that remain for the next performance to come and to take over and to let go again.

International artists and curators investigate diverse theories and practices towards the performative in form of live performances, performative installations, questions of performance documentation, talks, workshops and screenings.

The space is curated and facilitated by Teena Lange, Anja Ibsch & Adriana Disman – through invitation and submitted proposals.


Grüntaler Str. 9
13357 Berlin
S+U Gesundbrunnen/Pankstr.
info (at)