Nearly There by Raegan Truax

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Nearly There ::::::::: A durational performance by Raegan Truax

July 24, 2015, beginning at 7pm

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Raegan Truax is a durational performance artist who creates visceral, corporeal environments and takes breath, sweat, and skin as basic materials for works that exhaust, endure, and provoke the simultaneity of art and life.

Engaging duration as an artistic form, her performances are ephemeral actions created in conjunction with each site of performance. She foregrounds her body and time as primary materials and performs in consecutive durations, without taking breaks, often fasting, in silence and without a timepiece.

Truax’s work was recently featured within the Marina Abramovic Institute’s Immaterial archive and has been presented at Zentrum für Kunst und Urbanistik (ZKU) in Berlin, SOMarts in San Francisco, grüntaler9 in Berlin, The Northern California Performance Platform, Stanford University’s Department of Art and Architecture, Berlin Art Week, Performance Studies International and Heizraum Concert Series in Berlin. I have additionally performed at Centro Negra with AADK in Blanca Spain, Dance Theatre Workshop in New York City, the Performance Arts Institute in San Francisco, and The New Museum in New York City as collaborator to Carlos Motta’s international art project “We Who Feel Differently”. In 2016, she will perform a new work titled Shift, for 50 consecutive days in San Francisco.

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