Project Space Festival Berlin

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Prepäre To Lift ::::::::: for the Project Space Festival Berlin 2015

Fäcebook Event

Paternosters are threatened with extinction. What else is there to lift, what is not yet redeemed & preserved? What is at stake in the Great Tribulation? Honest weights & square dealings in betweenish the potent power of time travel & the logic of concern. Indeed, somatization is abducting encounter spaces including cosmonauts. Crisis makers & Swifts decisively between hyper attention & deep attention. Prepare to Lift, parietal lobe & temporal lobe. The Show Must Go Off.

Personenumlaufaufzüge sind vom Aussterben bedroht. Was gibt es noch zu roden, was ist noch nicht zerheilt? Was steht auf dem Spiel in der großen Trübsalszeit? Werktreuerische Schwere(losigkeit) & quadratische Beziehungen liminalisieren die Potenz des Zeitreisens & die Logik der Sorge. Die Somatisierung der Tatorte verschleppt Bürgerläden samt Kosmonauten. Die Krisenmacher & Mauersegler entscheidend zwischen hyper attention & deep attention. Prepare to Lift, Parietallappen & Temporallappen. The Show Must Go Off.

from 15h ::::::::: untitled (after) – a durational Performance by Sikarnt Skoolisariyaporn

the end,
all firefox tabs melt into one
and you have lost every past you have ever remembered
you will forget to attend event tomorrow
and your friend’s birthday yesterday
all buried by ashes of currency
the forever amnesia liquidity

from 18h ::::::::: Joël Verwimp

Performative reflections on the Belgian performance art history from 1958 until 1998 with annotations by Teena Lange.

around 20h :::::::: Florian Feigl continues performing „300“

300 is a 24 hour experimental video film in the making. It consists of a body of about 300 live performances. Each single performance lasts 300 seconds – five minutes. The performances included in 300 cover various and very different types of performance such as artistic, social, sculptural/iconographic, ethnological among others.

on & off ::::::::: Cris Olano – Live Drawing Performance

Two dimensions, two colors. One marker. As simple & detailed as it gets for the recreation of the line, the movement, and the moment. You don’t know what will come out, she neither. Let’s create it together!

from 21h ::::::::: Fridäy Sömmer Süpperclüb

Every Fridäy Grüntaler9 invites for Süpperclüb – Jüst come, häng out, reläx, enjöy some homecooked food & häve a drink ::::::::: it’s as simple as thät. Get together. The donätions are keeping the späce alive.

around 21h30 ::::::::: Ötenin Sesi – Live Saz & Anatolian Songs by Cafer Akpinar and Erdal Güncü. Featuring Special Guest Petra Nachtmanova – a well known Tralalka member.

from 22h ::::::::: Johnny Converter aka Don Air featuring Arion Analog Pedal (7inch records)
This event was part of the Project Space Festival Berlin

The space is supported by APAB – the Association for Performance Art Berlin

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