Performance by KRUK

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24th October 2012 ::::::::: 8.30pm

Sato Endo – movement
Nina Hitz – cello, voice
Hilary Jeffery – trombone
Lukas Simonis – guitar
Steffi Weismann: lapstrap / voices and portable audio devices

KRUK is a new group that plays, acts, talks, walks improvisation. The founder of the group is Lukas Simonis who solemnly declares that anybody who plays in the group will be a KRUK member for the rest of his/hers/it’s life.

KRUK will have a liberal attitude towards the quality of it’s performers.

They can be;

– dead

– a thing

– an animal

– a plant

But there’s also room for more obvious performers like;

– musicians, dancers, poets, etc, ‘artists’

– Lukas Simonis’ friends

– anybody else


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