DUO // by Stina Nilsson and Bilwa

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22th October 2012 ::::::::: 8:30pm
‘DUO // MOVEMENT + SOUND IMPROVISATION’ by Stina Nilsson / movement & William “Bilwa” / sound

This performance marks the debut of this duo.

Stina Nilsson is an improvisor, dancer and choreographer based in Berlin and Copenhagen, born in Sweden 1985. Stina’s work is focused on developing improvised performances, often in collaboration with other dancers, musicians and visual artists. In all her works she aims towards a mindset of presence in the creating moment, free from judgements and expectations, in order to sharpen the senses and allow the joy and beauty of a creative flow. http://stinanilsson.com/

William “Bilwa” Costa is a sound artist, electro-acoustic musician, composer and improviser. He has worked with movement artist Emily Sweeney as perpetual movement sound since 2006. He currently works internationally; generating research, lab, and performance projects, actively cultivating opportunities for artists to work together on new interdisciplinary explorations. Collaboration with other musicians, dancers, and artists and use of improvisation are central to his practice. Bilwa works in both the performing and visual arts contexts. His electro-acoustic music and sound art often involve live feed, field recordings, sine tones, samples from previous improvisations and projects, and audio frequency feedback—sonic relics through which he pulls elements of specific spaces, times, and interactions into his work. He is interested in sensory perception and subjectivity, and his work documents those acts of decipherment. He often uses moving speakers throughout a space, generating a sensory environment rich in ambient and spatial sound.


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