The Four Pennys Collective

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Four Pennys, One Act, First Act ::::::::: The Four Pennys Collective

February 18 – 22, 2015

With „Four Pennys, One Act, First Act” our aim is to explore the every-day practices and materials of a dialogue transferred from previous Skype conversations to Grüntaler9 and its peripheries.

20 February from 18:00-22:00
“Silk Roads” eating “Revithada” during a conversational dinner in the context of Fridäy Süpperclüb
(donätion min. 5 euros)

21 February from 18:00-22:00
„Four Pennys, One Act, First Act” sharing moments & bottom lines of past, present and future co-existences

18, 19, 22 February from 15:00-20:00
Open to the public.

Using objects, installations, documentation, performance orientated practices and cooking, we will attempt to create a fictional scenario of inhabiting the space by common acts, interventions and installations alluding to waiting-welcoming-preparing daily practices.

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Four Pennys Collective
We consider ourselves as 4 fixed points on a horizon of our collective memories. We create art found “in moments”, the moments through which we believe we can exhaust strict boundaries of conceptual art, the moments that have no apologetic temper to the art world.

Is conceptual art a prison for a dream world, for outcomes arriving in spontaneity, for joy, in the end for real sharing, giving and receiving? The art making process can be a heavy sack of rules we drag around in institutions.

As subjects, our common platform is the (inter)net, a space heavily loaded with misunderstandings, with ideas arriving in the format of “lost in translation”. That loss is a departure point to explore the difference in ourselves, the imaginary scents that form an identity, the matter that possibly can in the end transform into a collective.

Maria Nikiforaki, Vasiliki Sifostratoudaki,
Rilène Markopoulou, Eva Giannakopoulou