MUSEUM OF UNHEARD (OF) THINGS Museum der (un)erhörten Dinge

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::::::::: MUSEUM OF UNHEARD (OF) THINGS [ANY 02] by Roland Albrecht
Translated by Alexander Booth and You Nakai

To be released by Already Not Yet on November 18, 2015

Fäcebook Event

MUSEUM DER UNERHÖRTEN DINGE is a “Literary Cabinet of Curiosities” founded by Roland Albrecht, located between house numbers 5 and 6 on Crellestraße in Schöneberg, Berlin. The museum displays unique things and their unheard (of) stories, all categorized according to weight, and holds the record of being the most visited museum in Berlin (if one offsets the number of visitors to the square meters of the exhibition space).

MUSEUM OF UNHEARD (OF) THINGS is the catalogue raisonné of the museum, assembling its entire current inventory, translated into English for the first time. It intends to grow as the museum collection expands. At the present moment it contains 78 things.

The Launch of this publication will take place at Grüntaler9 with unheard readings, interlingual performances, non-simultaneous interpretations, and occasional servings of literary recipes by
– Roland Albrecht
No Collective (You Nakai, etc)
– Alexander Booth
– Lindsey Drury
– Tomomi Adachi
– Dafne Narvaez
– Johanna Gilje
– among other things

The Fridäy Süpperclüb will shifted to Wednesday for this occasion.

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